Michigan Sugar Company has launched a redesigned brand website at www.pioneersugar.com.

The site includes information about our pure, all-natural white granulated, Golden Light Brown and Dark Brown, and Confectioners Powdered Pioneer Sugar, as well as profiles about our grower-owners, our farm-to-table story, and a helpful directory of retail locations where consumers can typically purchase Pioneer Sugar products.

Of course, the site also includes dozens of recipes in four categories – sweet, savory, beverages, and health & wellness. If you’re planning a get-together this summer, check out delicious options like the Michigan Sour Cherry Pie, Slow Cooker Michigan Pulled Pork, and Fabulously Simple Lemonade.

And, if you’re looking for a great exfoliate, give the Pioneer Brown Sugar Body Scrub a try.

“This new site is not only beautiful, but extremely functional,” said Pedro Figueroa, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Michigan Sugar Company. “It helps us tell the story of our incredible Pioneer Sugar brand, while also providing important information our consumers want to know.”

For example, Figueroa pointed out that under the “Products” tab of the website, consumers can easily access the nutrition labels for each type of consumer sugar, whether it be white granulated, brown, or powdered sugar.

“And we make it clear which of our products are Certified Vegan, Kosher, and gluten free,” he said.

The new site was created and designed by Ohno Design of Bay City. Thanks go to Ohno owner Michael Robb and lead designer Alan Garcia.

Those who visit the site also will be greeted on the homepage by a photo featuring four Bay City-area residents. Huge thanks go out to Thad Van Tifflin and Morgan Rifenbark, the adults in the photo, and siblings Isaiah and Makayla Hoffman, the children of Ebony and Phillip Hoffman. Isaiah, 14, is a student at Christa McAuliffe Middle School in Bangor Township and Makayla, 9, is a student at Bangor Lincoln Elementary School.

Thanks also go to Barney’s Bakehouse Bakery in Bay City for supplying all the delicious treats in the photo and to The Maytag Store of Michigan in Saginaw for allowing us to conduct a photography session in their beautiful showroom kitchen.

Finally, thanks to photographer Rick Moreau of Moreau Visuals for taking the photo.