People depend on Pioneer® Sugar…

…for everything from sweetening their morning coffee to enjoying a fresh-from-the-oven chocolate chip cookie. People can be sure that their dishes are better by using our sugar: “Locally Grown. Locally Owned.”

Granulated sugar

Michigan Sugar Company’s granulated sugar packages are available in many sizes, including:

  • 25 lb. granulated
  • 4/10 lb. granulated
  • 10/4 lb. granulated
  • 10/2 lb. granulated

Powdered sugar

Michigan Sugar Company’s confectioners powdered sugar includes cornstarch to prevent caking, and the sugar is available in:

  • 6/7 lb. confectioners powdered
  • 10/4 lb. confectioners powdered
  • 12/2 lb. confectioners powdered
  • 24 1 lb. confectioners powdered

Brown sugar

Our golden and dark brown sugar results from the precise blending of our pure granulated sugar and molasses. It is available in:

  • 6/7 lb. golden light brown
  • 10/4 lb. golden light brown
  • 12/2 lb. golden light brown
  • 24/1 lb. golden light brown
  • 12/2 lb. dark brown
  • 24/1 lb. dark brown
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