A lot of hard work goes into growing a successful sugarbeet crop. And it all begins with Michigan Sugar Company’s Research and Development Department, which annually conducts agronomic and variety research in an effort to provide data to the cooperative’s grower-owners so they can maximize profitability and income.

Michigan Sugar Company Research

Among the goals of Michigan Sugar Company’s research is to help grower-owners produce better-quality sugarbeets with ever-increasing disease tolerance and higher yields. The work involves great attention to detail and precise record keeping. Click on Michigan Sugar Company’s latest research video to go behind the scenes of our variety trials.

From Seed to Shelf

From farm fields to your table, the process of turning a sugarbeet seed into all-natural sugar takes many steps – some on the farm and others in the factory. It starts with planting the seeds each spring, continues through harvest in the fall and wraps up during an annual sugarbeet processing campaign at Michigan Sugar Company’s factories in Bay City, Caro, Croswell and Sebewaing. Take a journey through the process by which we produce roughly 1.2 billion pounds of sugar each year.