Great for agricultural soils

  • It neutralizes acidic soils, increasing soil pH
  • Increases microbiological activity; accelerating decomposition of crop residue
  • Improves legume growth
  • Improves stand, root growth and sugar content of sugarbeets

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Sugarbeet Lime Program Prices and Procedures

Topsoil Program Prices and Procedures

Transportation Regulations

Truckers/users of sugarbeet lime must comply with DEQ/MI Department of Agriculture regulations. A brief outline of the applicable regulations are as follows:

  • Truckers: the same regulations for hauling quarry lime apply. You may need to take steps to prevent blowing of dust from the truck.
  • Users: the nutrient loading should be accounted for in your fertilizing program. The sugarbeet lime contains: Nitrogen 5.5 pounds per ton, Phosphorus 1.0 pound per ton, Potassium 0.36 pounds per ton, Calcium 570 pounds per ton (80% as CaCO3 or limestone), Organic content 8%, Moisture content 10%-15%, and Micro nutrients typical background levels.

Application should be conducted to not impact any water. A more detailed discussion can be found in the Generally Accepted Agricultural and Management Practices for Nutrient Utilization as approved by the Michigan Commission of Agriculture.